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Balancing Act: Accountant, Gymnast or Human??

It has been a while since I've written my last blog and I thought what better way to come back then to write about the very subject that kept me away....balance. You have already read my blog on the importance of balancing your food groups and portions in order to get all your physical and emotional needs met but balance goes beyond your plate! In life we are always trying to find the right balance for everything and no one is perfect at it! Let me explain.......

We all have heard about the work/life balance but what else is involved? We have to work in order to live because we need to make money to pay our bills. We would also like to be happy! One way to try to combine these, is to work at a job/career that you enjoy! I love being a dietitian and helping people develop a healthier relationship with food but along the way there have been obstacles that have kept me from being as happy with it as I could be. When I worked in the hospitals, I was limited by time and budget constraints. Now that I have my own private practice, I found I missed working within a team. Just like an accountant working on a balance sheet, I needed to reconcile this! I decided to apply for a job at Indigo and I am loving it! In between seeing my private practice clients, I get to go to Indigo and work with such a nice group of people and help the general public find what they are looking for. Not only do I get the social interactions that I was looking for, but I also get to use different parts of my brain and learn new things! Once I was able to feel that this aspect of my life was balanced, my family came to visit me for 2 weeks.......time to readjust again.

I love my family and friends but unfortunately sometimes I don't get to see them as often as I'd like because I'm busy with my 2 jobs. When they came to stay with me and visit for two weeks, I felt like a gymnast trying to find my balance and not fall! I wanted to spend all my time with them, but also wanted to be there for my clients and continue with shifts at Indigo (I know! I know! Life could be worse!) Things were definitely busy and at times challenging but I got to have all three and felt very happy that nothing was sacrificed except............I was exhausted! I noticed that I was sleeping less in order to fit everything in.....time to readjust again!

I think by now you have gotten the idea that I have been working at balancing everything in my life and in the process, unfortunately, I have not had time to blog, but, now I'm back and feel I can use the last few months as an example to others! We are all working at achieving the "perfect" balance of everything in our lives and it's ok to not be perfect at it! There's no such thing as perfect and if we can accept that and do our best, that is quite the accomplishment! There are times that people or things will be put on the back burner and that's also ok!

Life is short (a subject for a future blog) and so it's important that as we balance everything that comes our way, we aim at being happy and grateful! If you feel that you are not happy about something, put your accountant hat on and re-balance!

If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions about life as a balancing act, come to my facebook page and let me know ( Also, let me know if there are any subjects you'd like me to write more about.

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