Genetics vs Personal Desire

In my last post I told you I would explain why your genes decide what weight your body wants to be at so let's chat about the "Set Point Theory". Some of you have heard about this before but to some of you this is a very new concept so let me explain. Your genetics decide on your eye colour, height, hair colour and yes, even your weight! The weight your body wants to be at is called your set point. Therefore, trying to change your weight to a number that you think is better for you will be working against what your body wants. For example, you may dye your hair but it always grows back to its original/natural colour. The same goes for your weight or set point. You can over-exercise, restrict

Taking the "diet" out of "dietitian"

It may sound easy to "just eat" something but it's never easy to change our thinking around something, including food! It has to do with our complicated brains! "Re-wiring" our thoughts takes time and will NEVER happen overnight! There is no magic to it, there is no quick fix to anything! This brings me to my next subject...dieting! I hate the word diet. To me, it should be a forbidden 4 letter word! Diet should mean "the way one eats" but now it is usually referring to some way of eating that cuts calories, food groups, etc.. I am very opposed to dieting! Yes! You heard me right! The dietitian does not like diets!! Let me tell you a secret....they don't work! A diet, no matte

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