*Please note that all services are provided in person in Toronto or by phone/Zoom/Skype/FaceTime.

Nutrition Assessment

For  your first visit, a 60 minute in depth nutrition assessment will be done which includes an evaluation and personalized meal plan.

$150.00 CAD

Nutrition Counselling

Once the initial nutrition assessment is done,  50 minute nutrition counselling sessions are available. These help you work on your progress, and work through any  barriers that have come up. It's also a time to work on your relationship with food.

$120.00 CAD

Body Image Counselling

What is body image? Why do we have such a hard time seeing ourselves and our bodies the way others do? How can we learn to appreciate our bodies even if they aren't the way society dictates they should be? In this 60 minute session, the answers to these questions are discussed and I help you do the work needed to appreciate your own bodies and shapes.

$150.00 CAD

Grocery Store Tour

Grocery stores can be so overwhelming! In this session, we meet at the grocery store and shop together to work at knowing how to pick the "right" foods, knowing how much to buy and how to translate the food purchased into meals and snacks that fit into your meal plan.

$175.00 CAD


I can prepare a presentation and/or workshop on nutrition topics, eating disorder education and treatment from a dietitian's perspective and body image topics for groups. 

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