"To The Bone": Yay and Nay?

I don't usually review movies on my blog but I've had many people ask me my opinion on the new Netflix movie "To the Bone". In the eating disorder world, this movie is causing a lot of controversy. Many are saying that it glorifies Anorexia Nervosa. Some are saying that it just perpetuates the stereotype that all people with eating disorders are emaciated. On the other end of things, some people are happy that it's at least creating more awareness of eating disorders. I thought I'd watch it and form my own opinion......(*Warning: Contains spoilers) To be honest, even after watching this movie, I'm not sure if I liked it or not. There were some parts that were ok and others that bothered me.

Shame on Fat Shaming

Those of you who know me, probably knew that I was going to "weigh in" on the current fat shaming story that has been all over the media (pun intended)! Let me fill you in on what happened. An overweight woman was sitting in her seat on a plane and noticed that the guy beside her was texting his friend awful things about her weight. She decided to call him out on it and posted the video showing this. This guy (notice I refuse to use the word "man" to describe him) apologized to her but then made another rude comment to her. The video of this then went viral. Now that you are caught up, let's talk about fat shaming. I'm happy that this is becoming something that people are starting to fight a

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