No gluten? No dairy? No sugar? NO THANKS!!!!!!

I just came back from a vacation in Seattle, Washington. It is a beautiful city with so much to do! The people are so friendly that I almost hate to write this blog but I just can't help myself!!! The entire week that I was there, every conversation involved hearing about the paleo diet or different forms of elimination diets and of course the importance of eating only organic! (Can you hear me sighing as you read this?) Let me give you examples.... Example 1: My friend and I went to a spa to get massages. As I was lying on the table, the massage therapist, who knew I'm a dietitian, starting telling me that she could read my body and it was full of inflammation! She then told me that I need

Nutrition Gimmicks vs Science

I need to vent!!! Yesterday I saw a celebrity on a talk show preparing food and promoting her new cook book. As she was making her trail mix and smoothies (of course- isn't that the latest fad that everyone's doing??!!), I felt myself rolling my eyes at the advice she was giving. She was making untrue claims about food...what she said has not been backed up by any science and has not been proven! What gives her the right to tell people untrue nutrition advice? The worst part, because she's a celebrity and she was so confident in what she was saying, people will believe her and follow this advice. Fast forward to 2 hours later when I was in the grocery store. There I was buying beautiful peac

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