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Resolve to have no New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a very happy holiday season full of friends, family and yummy food!

I thought I would write a post on New Year's resolutions and my thoughts on them! I'm sure most of you can guess that I'm not a fan of them. They get into the language that I tell people to avoid; "should" vs. "should not". For some reason people see a new year as an opportunity to change themselves. My question is why? Why do people feel they need to change just because there is a change to the date?

Unfortunately most people want to change their physical appearance so they start diets or exercise regimes...this is a very busy time for gyms and diet companies! They make a ton of money targeting the people who are making these sorts of resolutions knowing that most of these people will not be able to keep the resolution. Do you think they refund the money?

Why not change the resolution to working on body image and self acceptance? If people are truly trying to get healthy, than why are they waiting for a new year to do it and why are they choosing unhealthy ways of getting there? Any type of change needs the proper motivation and plan to be successful.

Here's what I'd like you all to do instead of making resolutions: I'd like you to take some time to look back at your life in 2014 and ask yourself what went well, what are you grateful for, what didn't go as well, why didn't it go well, is it something you want to work on, are you ready to work on it, etc... Don't make any plans or goals yet, just reflect on the past year. Reflection is not always easy but it's important! Try not to judge; just be matter of fact about it.

For now, I wish all of you a very happy, healthy and safe 2015! I hope all of your wishes and dreams come true! Thank you for being part of my 2014 and I look forward to sharing 2015 with you!

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