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Changing your Comfort Zone

Change can be very scary but what's even scarier is if things don't change. We all become comfortable in our routines and habits, even if these habits are unhealthy ones. The hardest part about making a change is admitting that it needs to happen! I am constantly reminding patients/clients about that. Sometimes people can become so overwhelmed with the work involved that they want to go back to their comfort zone.

Working on changing a habit or a part of yourself is hard but trust me when I say admitting there's a problem is harder! If you've already done that you are ahead of the game! It's similar to planning a trip..all the work goes into the planning stage. Once you are at the destination some things may work out and some things won't but if there was no planning, you wouldn't know what to do and things could become chaotic!

The other thing I have always told my clients, is that they can always go back to their comfort zone if they really feel that the change isn't working for them! They know what the comfort zone feels like. But how do you know what a change will feel like if you don't try it and give it 100% of your effort? The other factor that's important here is time. Give yourself time to see how things are before deciding what you want to do. Isn't it better to try something and tweak it then to always wonder what could have been?

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