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Hi! I'm Gail!

I provide nutrition counselling for your food, mood and attitude!

I help people manage their thoughts, beliefs and behaviours around nutrition and body image so they can improve their quality of life in a gentle way. 


I have years of experience working in all areas of eating disorder support and treatment that includes inpatient, outpatient, day hospital, individual counselling and program planning. 

I use a harm reduction approach because clients deserve to work through their challenges in a realistic, meaningful and lasting way.

My Specialties Include:

Eating Disorders

Disordered Eating

Intuitive Eating

Building a Healthy Relationship with Food

Body Image and Self Acceptance

Mental Health and Addictions


My Blog
What are the truths about nutrition and what are the myths?
How and what can be believed?
How does food and nutrition affect our moods?
How do our moods affect our nutrition?
Why do we use food to help us cope with emotions?

Why do people struggle so much with their body image?
How can we all work on self acceptance more?
How can we change society's views and attitudes on our bodies and shapes?

These answers and so much more are answered in my blog. 

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