November 13, 2019

Being a dietitian is hard work! Don't get me wrong...I love what I do but there are days where I feel like it's me against the world and that gets exhausting! This is going to be a long blog post but let me explain....

My clients are great and they are not the exhausting ones! They come wanting to develop a healthy relationship with food and truly understand why they don't currently have one. This to me is the best part of the work...helping others realize what they are capable of and who they are without their disordered eating habits.

The hard part is everyone else! It feels like a boxing this corner we have the registered dietitian and in the other corner we have everyone else!!

 As you know, we live in a society that praises diets, weight loss and unrealistic body standards. It is hard to be a minority against this type of pressure! Everyone claims to be a nutrition expert nowadays.......trainers, doctors, therapists, pharmacists, magazine readers, book readers, tv watcher...

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February 6, 2016

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