December 6, 2014

Using social media has been a great experiment for me and sometimes makes me feel a bit like a journalist. That made me think about my role as a dietitian and I realized that there are some similarities. Journalists answer the questions what, where, when, who, why and how. As a dietitian, I do the same thing.

Most people think that my role is just about the "what"… what is a person eating, what should someone be eating, what foods will help, what portion sizes, etc. This is not entirely wrong because the "what" is important to know and many dietitians will make this the focus of their practice. This is not my favourite question to answer and is not my focus. Most people nowadays can answer the what questions on their own. Most people know what they need to work on and what they need to do to help themselves.

"Where" is a question that I do ask but it's not my main focus either. The "where" is important because it affects the "what" and the "how". For example, a person will eat differentl...

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February 6, 2016

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